About CHC

CHC's mobile hearing unit offering free hearing screenings, INAD 2019

Founded in 1910, the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) is a not-for-profit human services agency committed to high-quality hearing health services and public education about the importance of healthy hearing practices.

Noise and its impact on hearing health have long been part of CHC's mission. In fact, more than 50 years ago, CHC served as a leader in New York's efforts to generate awareness of the need for noise control and to establish an agency within government to investigate and mitigate noise issues in much the same way the Department of Air Pollution Control combats the poisons in the air we breathe.

In 1996, Nancy Nadler, CHC's current Deputy Executive Director, worked collaboratively with Arline Bronzaft, a renowned noise awareness advocate, and other leaders in the field to create and introduce International Noise Awareness Day (INAD) worldwide.

In New York City, the first INAD was recognized with a Mayoral Proclamation at City Hall, poster contests in schools highlighting the dangers of noise, mobile hearing vans provided by CHC to assess the hearing of New Yorkers and panel discussions on noise throughout the city.

Nancy Nadler, Deputy Executive Director, Center for Hearing and Communication

Nancy Nadler, Deputy Executive Director, Center for Hearing and Communication

Today INAD is celebrated by partners in every state in the USA as well as by groups in countries on virtually every continent around the globe. We're grateful to our INAD partners who join us year after year in embracing this important educational platform and invite new participants to take up the cause.

For CHC, the message of INAD has always been clear: Turn down the volume, limit exposure to noise and wear hearing protection to protect yourself from this pervasive pollutant. In other words, just say no to noise.

CHC is deeply committed to helping people of all ages get the most out of their hearing through high-quality hearing services and innovative educational initiatives such as International Noise Awareness Day. We encourage you to contact us should you have questions that relate to noise, hearing loss, hearing protection or hearing technology solutions. Visit www.CHChearing.org to learn more or click below to submit an email inquiry.

Contact Nancy Nadler Link: nnadler@CHChearing.org

Read Nancy Nadler's April, 2020, International Noise Awareness Day editorial in The Hearing Journal.