Global Partners

The success of International Noise Awareness Day as an educational platform and a catalyst for change is the result of the commitment and efforts of our global partners.

Below provides an interactive snapshot of some of the organizations involved in recent years. Stay tuned as we expand the listing and let us know your organization’s plans using the Sign Up form.

Italian Association of Acoustics

Ferrara, Italy

Italian Association of Acoustics logo

Conducted educational programs in schools throughout Italy and coordinated activities with other acoustics institutions around the world.

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Right to Quiet Society

Vancouver, Canada

Offered educational programs in Canada and the US in addition to year-round advocacy efforts.

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ProAcústica Brazilian Association of Acoustical Quality

São Paulo, Brazil

ProAcustica logo

Planned Hush City Soundwalk in search of quiet spaces along with many other activities over the years.

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Sweco Environment AB

Stockholm, Sweden

Sweco Environment AB logo

Observed minute of silence and planned meet-the-experts workshops.

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Fundación Oír es Vivir

Panama City, Panama

Supported the early detection of hearing loss and other programs to generate awareness of health ramifications of noise exposure.

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Grow NYC

New York, NY, USA

Grow NYC logo

Served as a source of noise education and offered guidance to people seeking help with noise problems.

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German Acoustical Society (DEGA)


Coordinated a common European Noise Awareness Day in collaboration with the European Acoustics Association.

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New York, NY, USA

Gave news interviews and hosted a Brooklyn Mapathon to measure sound levels in NYC restaurants.

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Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency

Lagos, Nigeria

Hosted a virtual Noise Awareness Summit featuring experts and thought leaders in the field of noise.

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Acoustical Society of America

Melville, NY, USA

Acoustical Society of America logo

Educational programs utilized social media, citizen science, a screening of the film In Pursuit of Silence and a Meet-the-Experts YouTube Live session.

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The Hearing Journal

New York, NY, USA

The Hearing Journal logo

Published noise awareness section, April 2020, in honor of INAD and the International Year of Sound.

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Proyash Institute of Special Education and Research (PISER)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

PISER logo

Created posters, drawings, video clips, slogans and quotes for social media campaign.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

New York, NY, USA

CDC logo

Supported an INAD educational campaign in social media focused on hearing protection.

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American Hospital Association

Chicago, IL, USA

American Hospital Association logo

Promoted INAD to thousands of healthcare marketing, communications, and public relations professionals.

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Heriot-Watt University

Edinburgh, Scotland

Heriot Watt University-logo

Conducted a UK-wide research project using citizen scientists for the purpose of creating a visual soundscape simulator.

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Hush City


Hush City logo

Promoted appreciation of quiet spaces by hosting a series of guided Hush City Soundwalks using the Hush City app.

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Quiet Coalition

Lincoln, MA, USA

Quiet Coalition logo

Provided noise awareness education through multiple channels for the purpose of creating a quieter, more sustainable, livable world.

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New York University

New York, NY, USA

New York University logo

Hosted Noise, Quietness and the Healthy City Workshop in support of INAD 2019.

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Sound Hub Denmark

Struer, Denmark

Sound Hub Denmark logo

Hosted Everyday Noise, a webinar about how noise affects our daily life and how to minimize its negative impact.

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Pulsar instruments, Plc

Filey, United Kingdom

Offered a course to employees on basic noise theory and why and how to measure and control noise at work.

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