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Lend your voice to this global initiative dedicated to noise awareness and the urgent need to lower the volume and enhance peace and quiet in the world.

While International Noise Awareness Day takes place April 24, 2024, the issues relating to noise are a year-round concern. Given the pandemic so many of us are still experiencing, you're encouraged to plan local noise awareness activities only when it's safe to do so in your community. In the interim, you're invited to sound off for change on social media.

Social Media

Let's unite our voices on social media using the following hashtags and click here to connect with the International Noise Awareness Day Facebook Page.


There are so many reasons to get involved with INAD. At the Center for Hearing and Communication, we celebrate an overarching message of Protect Your Hearing, Protect Your Health. But you're encouraged to highlight the message that is most relevant to you and your organization. Choose one of the graphics below by clicking on a thumbnail (or you can create your own) and be sure to post on social media April 24, 2024 and the days leading up to INAD.

To incorporate the International Noise Awareness Day logo into your posts and other digital and printed materials, click here to download.

Ways to Inspire Change

When appropriate, plan local noise awareness activities to inspire meaningful change:

  • For yourself. Consider getting your hearing screened and embracing other healthy hearing practices. Explore hearing protection and take earplugs to your next concert.
  • For a loved one. Teach your child about the dangers of noise, give the gift of hearing protection or download a sound meter app so you can choose a quiet restaurant the next time you dine.
  • For your organization. Plan educational workshops about noise awareness for your members or employees. Conduct a poster contest among students to teach them healthy hearing habits they can adopt for life. Provide hearing screenings and hearing protection to at-risk employees. Encourage 60 seconds of quiet from 2:15-2:16 p.m. (regardless of time zone) to highlight what quiet really sounds like.
  • For your fellow citizens. Advocate for legislative change to reduce noise in your community, introduce quiet spaces, apply noise-reducing technology and manage excess noise in cities.

We applaud your passion for noise awareness and for all your efforts to bring change to your community. Click here to tell us about your planned activities.

Together, our voices will resonate and we will realize our vision for a quieter world.