timeless articles on important noise topics

You’re invited to view articles originally published between 1998 and 2001 in Hearing Rehabilitation Quarterly. The pieces cover a range of noise-related topics with information and advice that remains relevant today.

CHC is appreciative of the contributions of authors Amy Boyle, Arline L. Bronzaft, PhD, Les Blomberg, Nancy Nadler, MEd, MA, Kathy Peck, Ed Walsh and others.

Please browse the list of articles below and click to read.

  1. The Path to Quiet: Don’t Just Say “No” to Noise, Say “Yes” to Quiet
  2. Dancing Till Deaf
  3. Aircraft Noise: The Ailment and The Treatment
  4. Assert Your Right to Peace and Quiet!
  5. Stop the Noise: An Investigation of Sound Levels in Elementary School
  6. Controlling Noise Is in Our Hands
  7. Participants Take Control of Noise!
  8. Noise, Sovereignty, and Civility
  9. Intrusive Community Noises Yield More Complaints
  10. It Takes a “Silent Village” To Harm A Child
  11. Out Of the Mouths Of Babes: What Children Say About Noise
  12. A Voice to End the Government’s Silence on Noise
  13. Beware: Noise Is Hazardous to Our Children’s Development

Thank you for delving into these important topics and for any action you take to make the world quieter and safer for all!